Identify With Your Domain Name

When choosing a domain name, please use common sense, because your domain name or URL may affect the online and offline marketing of your website. A domain name that is too long or difficult to spell may cause people to ignore your website, so stick to it very well (for example, visit A short domain name can better record people’s memories and is easier to remember.

Get a domain name to help you with your niche marketing and strategy. As I mentioned before, you can use your company name as the URL. If your company name is already taken by someone else, get a URL similar to what you are doing. Buying a business domain name is not the only way, and a domain name with a keyword can be fine.

If you plan to use the .net extension, you may need to wait to determine the name until you find an available domain name that suits your business type. If you follow the steps below, you can recognize your brand in the Internet community.

Construct your brand name – put your domain name on your letterhead, business cards, printed materials; put it in the phone recording on the side of your phone; don’t forget to include it in your email.

Keep it short and memorable-don't get a URL that uses all 26 letters.

Protect .com URLs-I strongly recommend buying a .com domain name instead of .net, .info, .biz or any other name. If the domain name you choose is not available in .com, please continue to search until you find an unoccupied domain name. There is no problem with other extensions, but when you have the .com extension, it sounds like you have been online for a long time.

Remember, your domain name is an extension of your business and your product or service brand.