Paying For ISP Internet Access

Choosing an ISP service can be tricky. The rule of thumb is to pay for only those services you need. Instead of spending money for all the bells. A typical small business website (four to seven pages) can choose a virtual hosting service, which has multiple email addresses, cgi-bin access rights, and a T3 connection from the Internet, and costs $19 to $27 per month.

Most small businesses choose to host server hosting packages, with prices ranging from $3.95 per month to $20 per month. As mentioned earlier, these hosting packages have all the management support you need, and the only thing you need to worry about is the development of the website. You will get an FTP client to load your site to the Internet.

For financial-type secure transactions conducted through your web pages, socket security certificates will be charged extra, and you expect to pay at least 40 to 80 US dollars per month. The setup fee can be expensive, up to $55, and sometimes even higher if special features are ordered. Large companies and numerous websites pay more for certain types of services.

Shop around and get the best price for your business. You can do web hosting over the Internet from anywhere, but you have to really research ISPs and look at the services they provide.

When choosing an ISP, the key consideration should be the response time when the server fails. How does the server respond during busy hours on the server? You will have to ask your ISP representative what their percentage ranking is in terms of server downtime.

You can find some of these rankings on the Internet by visiting, or use the Google search engine to rank the top ten ISP providers with the highest percentages in the industry, based on the "uptime" of their servers.