iPage Review

iPage was founded in 1998 and has more than one million websites in two data centers in the United States.
In the past 24 months, their uptime has reached an average of 99.96%, while the page load time averaged 746ms. iPage's single shared hosting plan is one of the cheapest plans we reviewed, at $1.99 per month for three years. They also have two WordPress-based plans that include some additional features such as SiteLock and automatic malware removal.
The default plan comes with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, a free domain name for the first year, and a free SSL certificate.

In the past few years, we have been closely monitoring the effectiveness of iPage and collating figures to provide unbiased reviews.
So how do they compete with other options? Let us find out.

Pros of Using iPage Hosting

When you register for the first three years, iPage is extremely cheap. Their uptime is above average and customer support is very friendly. In addition, they can access almost every tool or open source application you want.
Here is a complete summary of all the positive reviews we like:

1. Cheap, Inexpensive Hosting

In the past few years, iPage has been one of the cheapest web hosting providers we have evaluated.
It seems that every once in a while, they will find a way to further reduce the starting price.
Currently, the price of iPage is $1.99 per month. You will see later that the value is also good. They only have a shared hosting plan, so they cannot "suppress" attempts to force you to upgrade.
The only problem is that you have to pay the full cost three years in advance to get the price of $1.99 per month.

Otherwise, the regular (read as "renewal") rate is $7.99/month.
If you only need to pay for one year, the entry price is $2.99/month (the renewal price is $9.99/month). If you are paying for two years instead of three years, you need to pay $2.49 per month (or $9.99 for renewal).

2. Lots of Third-Party Applications

As mentioned earlier, iPage's "core" product is reliable. This is a brief list of everything you get for $1.99 per month (three years).
All hosting plans come with free domain registration for the first year. This saves $15 per year.
You will also get a free email address and SSL certificate. Every email account is branded for your domain, including email forwarding, auto-reply, spam filter, virus check and even POP3/IMAP account, so you can use Outlook for all settings.

This plan has unlimited disk space, "scalable" bandwidth (meaning most of it is unlimited) and unlimited MySQL databases. Not too shabby.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder, one of iPage contains six pages and hundreds of templates.
iPage also has a large number of popular open source applications ready to be installed. These include content management systems and blogging software such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PixelPost and b2evolution, Gallery2 and ZenPhoto photo galleries, as well as Gbook, phpBB and SMF forums.
If you are looking for a mature e-commerce store, iPage will also provide these. AgoraCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, PrestaShop, Zen Cart and TomatoCart are all included. If you are the first-time webmaster, they can even help you receive funds online through PayPal integration.

3. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

iPage has an unquestionable 30-day refund policy. Just tell them you are not satisfied within the first month and they will be happy to refund your escrow funds.
However, like other hosts, domain names and other services are usually not refundable.
iPage provides you with a free domain name for the first year. Therefore, if you request a refund, a $15 domain name fee will be deducted. The good news is that you will still own the domain name and you can move it or "point" the domain name to another hosting company elsewhere.

4. Decent Loading Time (746ms)

In the past 24 months, the average load time of iPage was 746ms.
This means they took less than a second to load the page, which is definitely a good sign in the Internet world
Research shows that there is a correlation between fast page speeds and higher conversion rates. Lower page speed will have the opposite effect: lower conversion rate and revenue.

5. Strong Uptime of 99.96%

iPage has many favorite features. However, unless your website is reliably online and open to visitors, they are not worth it.
Therefore, one of our favorite performance tests is to track uptime performance. We use a longer period of 24 months, so any one-time problems can be ruled out. We can then objectively compare these uptime results with other hosting providers to show you exactly how one host performs better than another-excluding bias.

Fortunately, the uptime of iPage during this period reached 99.96%. This is much higher than the industry average and is enough for us to easily place it on top of our reviewed hosts.
During the 24-month follow-up period, iPage failed to operate normally for several months, which caused the average to drop. Otherwise, the average value may be higher.

6. Friendly Customer Support

iPage provides customer support through an online service desk and ticketing system. If you want to try to solve the problem quickly by yourself, they will provide tutorials. Otherwise, they will also provide phone and chat support.
We tested their chat support and logged in in the evening, and Parvathy immediately joined.

She is very friendly, but a bit slow. It seems that she needs to study the answers to some of the quick shooting questions we sent.
But this is better than giving an incomplete or wrong answer (which we have also experienced). Therefore, in the end, we still gained a positive experience.

Cons of Using iPage Hosting

The price of iPage is the cheapest. They have stable uptime, speed and good customer support.
Unfortunately, some of their other performance statistics are not satisfactory. Let's see:

1. Lots of Extra Fees for Additional Services

The core product of iPage is really reliable. You basically get unlimited storage and bandwidth, as well as access to dozens of different popular applications.
You will also get a free domain name, SSL certificate and email for the first year.
The first additional cost that appears is the road renewal rate. The monthly renewal rate of $7.99 is not terrible-we see other people's monthly fees exceeding $10+.
However, when you combine it with some other additional costs, your price starts to plummet.

Some advanced hosts we reviewed include things like extra security or backups in their basic plans. iPage keeps its main plan cheap by not including these features, and if you need them, you don't have to pay more.
A la carte pricing is ideal for those who don’t want extras. But this is not for those who hate nickel and dimness.
Therefore, different additional costs are listed here.

iPage provides SiteLock support in its plan to help scan for malware and prevent your website from being hacked. The basic automation product starts at 36 months, with an additional $1.99 per month. They also have a more comprehensive plan to increase the price to $24.99/mo (billed at $899.64 for three years).
It can be backed up daily or several times a day. These are useful for simply recording past versions of a website only when changes are made. Or, if your site has been hacked in the past, you can roll back the previous "clean" version.

A basic backup service for a website, database and daily backup is three years ($40.78 per month) at $1.14 per month. The larger plan applies to unlimited websites, databases and up to five backups per day, and its price is $2.09/month (or $75.35).
Then, there are migration costs...

2. No Free Site Migrations

Most of the 30 web hosting providers we reviewed will move existing websites to their servers for free. This is especially good if you are not a technician and don't want to waste time trying to figure out how to move site files, redirect to your domain, etc.
However, iPage does not provide any free site migration. Instead, they will only transfer the site for a one-time fee of $150. Compared with other hosts, this is high. For example, Bluehost will charge you $150, but they will migrate you to five sites at this price.

3. No cPanel (vDeck)

Most web hosts use cPanel as various dashboards. This is an industry standard, and if you use it in one place, you will know exactly where everything is when you log in in another place.
iPage does not use cPanel, but uses an alternative called vDeck, which is not as powerful as cPanel.
For starters, this is not always a big deal. This is usually a bigger problem for people who are used to working on the same unified platform. When you have mastered the new platform on another platform and how to use it effectively, it seems to be a waste of time.

Therefore, if you have not used cPanel or vDeck before, this is not a big problem. However, if you are a devotee of cPanel, you may encounter problems.

4. It’s Not Really “Unlimited” (Better for Smaller Sites)

Most of the features listed in the iPage shared hosting plan are "unlimited".
Of course, nothing is truly "infinite" in this world. The same is true here.
But first, some good news:
Assuming that you have correctly used a large amount of resources such as disk space within the terms of iPage, you do not need to pay the "excess" fee.
However, there are some resource limitations to keep in mind. Accounts with a large number of files or large databases are not suitable because they will start to affect other users on the same server. This means iPage reserves the right to close your account.

Now, let’s assume that they will give you some tips before you close the site. But their terms do indicate that they can do this "without notice." So please keep this in mind.
Most users with smaller sites don’t need to worry. If your site starts to grow very large, you may need to start looking for other hosting alternatives, such as managed hosting, VPS or dedicated servers.

5. No Longer Green

The last disadvantage is small, but if you are concerned about the environmental impact of the company you work with, it is still worth mentioning.
When we first checked iPage, they used 100% wind power and were even a partner of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Program.
Some hosts do not use 100% renewable energy, but choose to help offset the carbon footprint of the server. Therefore, we reconfirmed this by visiting its "Green Certification" page, and... no longer exists.

Wikipedia has confirmed that "As of December 2018, the page has been deleted and no longer exists, and iPage will not appear in the EPA Green Energy Partner List." Therefore, if it is true, we assume that they can be changed back to offset cost.

iPage Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

The following is a brief overview of the hosting plans provided by iPage:
Shared Hosting : iPage has only one shared hosting plan, starting at $1.99/month for three years. It has unlimited disk space, bandwidth and MySQL database. You can also get the first year's domain name, as well as SSL certificate and email address for free.

Do We Recommend iPage?

Yes, we recommend iPage. But there may be better options.
iPage has a lot to like. You can get good uptime and speed (read: reliable reliability) at a very cheap cost.
However, there are also some mixed performances. Customer support is helpful; however, it is also a bit slow. The core plan has good features, but does not have the most "extra" options.
So even though we recommend iPage in general, they are not as budget-friendly, stable or fast as other options like Bluehost or HostGator Cloud.