HostGator What Coupons Are Available for Jul 2020

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Should I Choose HostGator?

HostGator is great for small businesses or personal websites because it has a fast WordPress website and excellent customer support, and it is expensive.
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About HostGator

HostGator offers low-cost, entry-level hosting and advanced business plans that can cover the entire range.
HostGator is perhaps one of the most well-known hosts. But this does not mean that its plan is suitable for everyone. If you haven't reviewed HostGator, I suggest you take a quick look.
HostGator is famous for its coupons, and we are happy to provide exclusive coupon codes for readers of WhoIsHostingThis. To get the savings of HostGator coupons, all you need to do is click on any HostGator link on our website.
When you choose the hosting package you want to buy, please enter the coupon code we provide below, and then your order will receive a discount.

How to Use Our HostGator Coupon

Applying our coupon code is simple. The basic steps are as follows:
1 Copy our coupon code: WHOISHOSTINGTHIS, and click to enter the HostGator website.
2 Select the desired hosting plan.
3 Paste the coupon code on the "HostGator Order Wizard" page.
4 Click Verify.
5 The coupon credit is deducted from the amount due.
If you want more detailed steps, please continue reading the following.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Using Our HostGator Coupon Code

If you have never used HostGator before, the above steps may not be clear enough for you.
If you are not completely satisfied with them, please use these detailed steps instead.

Step #1: Click Our HostGator Button Link

Click on one of the HostGator links on this page and they will take you to the HostGator website.
In addition, you can manually visit or even search Google to visit the website.
No matter which method you use, you can get a discount in the future.

Step #2: Pick a Hosting Plan

If you click one of the buttons on this page, you will be taken to a customized landing page where you can easily choose a hosting package based on price.
After entering HostGator, you can click any "Get Started" button.

Clicking the "Get Started" button will take you to a page listing the plans you can choose from. You will see some details about these plans.
Once there, click the "Buy Now!" button to take you to the order, this is the third step

Click the plan you want to select.
If you did not click the button link to visit the HostGator website, you can use the top menu to check out a different plan, and then click any "Get Started" button when you find the plan you want.
Clicking the "Buy Now!" button again, depending on the hosting type, will take you to the order form.
You can always change the plan selected in the order form (next step).

Step #3: Fill Out Your Details and Select Add-ons

This page is the last homepage you need when you register for HostGator and get a discount.
First fill in the basic details, such as the domain you want to register (or a domain you already own).

Enter the domain you want to register, or a domain you already own.
You can then double check that you have selected the correct hosting package, or use the drop-down input to make changes.
After choosing a username, enter your billing information, and then select a billing period.

Choose your billing cycle. Here, I chose the 36-month "baby" plan.
Then continue to scroll down to the "Add-ons" section.
Some accessories may be pre-selected. Just check or uncheck any add-ons based on your hosting needs.
Select add-in (if any)
Select the desired add-in.

Step #4: Enter Our HostGator Discount Coupon and Validate

You are almost there.
The fifth part of the page is devoted to coupon codes.
Here, you need to enter "WHOISHOSTINGTHIS" in the input field.
Enter the WHOISHOSTINGTHIS coupon code
Enter the coupon code and click "Verify". The discount will take effect immediately.
By default, HostGator may automatically include other coupons to give you some form of discount.
You need to replace the code with our code to get a bigger discount.
After pasting or typing our coupon code, please click the "Verify" button next to it, and the price below will be updated.

Step #5: Finish Checking Out

Please take a moment to review your order in this last section and agree to the terms of service and other policies.

The length of the plan you choose will be displayed at checkout.
Everything here is its.
HostGator will send you an email with your account details and more instructions to help you host your website.
HostGator is a well-known web hosting company founded in 2002.
If you choose to purchase web hosting from HostGator, you can get simple and reliable hosting at a very low cost (especially using our HostGator coupon code).
If you mainly consider cost, HostGator is a good choice.