Hostgator review

HostGator may be one of the largest and oldest web hosting companies in the industry, but they are still improving, with an average uptime of 99.98% over the past 24 months.
Their basic shared hosting plan comes with unlimited storage space, bandwidth, free domain (first year) and free SSL certificate. They also have excellent customer service, they communicated instantly via live chat and answered every question within a few seconds.

Unfortunately, HostGator's average page load time reduced them (average 1191ms). Many additional services (such as backup and security) will be used as additional costs. In addition, after your first term expires, the renewal rate will increase substantially.
This is a complete observation of our hands-on test, which uses third-party data from Pingdom to illustrate its performance.

Pros of Using HostGator Shared

HostGator's uptime performance has been an issue for the past few years. But according to our track record over the past 24 months, it is no longer.
Most importantly, their customer service is fast and friendly. They will help you move your website to their service for free. Beginners will like many simple, intuitive options.
Quick summary:

1. Strong and Stable Uptime of 99.98%

HostGator has posted a 99.98% uptime in the past 24 months. For several months, they have maintained uptime of 99.98-100%.
However, that is not the best part. There is a reason for their consistency: their uptime guarantee means that if they fall below 99.90%, your account can get a one-month credit.
Obviously, any planned maintenance or unpredictable hacking will not be included in this guarantee. However, you must reach out for credit by submitting a support ticket to their billing department within 30 days.
We have recently begun to see uptime guarantees on several other hosts, which means that all customers have been successful. Competitors come out, and this will help raise the barriers of the entire industry. It forces everyone else in the market to fail to fulfill its guarantees and raises the standard service level, otherwise they will face the risk of falling behind.

2. Good Support

HostGator provides knowledge base, phone, email and live chat support. The last option is the fastest and can connect us to a service representative in 15 seconds.
We try to ask them questions, jump from one topic to another, and they never hesitate. Their employees seem to be knowledgeable, well-trained and friendly. This is a very good experience.

3. 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

HostGator is so confident in their services that it has extended the industry's average 30-day refund policy by about two weeks to 45 days.
This means you can use them for a full month, and if anything goes wrong, you can still get the purchase price back.
This 45-day money-back guarantee applies to all shared, reseller and VPS hosting packages.
The only problem is that this does not apply to HostGator's dedicated servers, management fees, and installation fees for custom software. So far, after collating more than 30 "Terms of Service" documents, we found that these warnings are quite common in the hosting industry.
So, for example, if your plan includes a free domain name, they will deduct the standard fee of $15.00 for that domain name from the refund amount.
There are other points. HostGator's terms give them up to 90 days of actual refund time. There will be no refunds for checks, money orders, Western Union or bank wire transfers.
Refunds are only applicable to new plans or accounts. Therefore, if you have registered once before and want to cancel the renewal or try a second time, you will not get anything in return.
Last but not least, foreign currency refunds will be processed according to the USD exchange rate.

4. Site Security Features Available

HostGator's shared hosting plan is fairly simple. You have enough income on a website, but there are not many other functions.
Fortunately, they do provide some additional security features, such as the ability to add SiteLock monitoring to your site. The service will run every day, looking for possible website violations or hacking attacks, and notify you as soon as they find it.
They also offer "spam assassins" in their email plan to help prevent spam from hitting your inbox in the first place.

The only downside is that SiteLock will cost you some extra money. We will elaborate on this in the Cons below, but the list price is $1.67/mo, billed at $19.99 per year.

5. Free Site & cPanel Migrations

If this is not your first site and you try to move the existing site away, HostGator will definitely support you.
There are 30 days after registration to get in touch with you and let them help you transfer all site files, databases, scripts, and even domain names.
This includes the complete cPanel transfer. Therefore, if you happen to install multiple websites (for example, a subdomain of a large website), you can meet the requirements.
All HostGator's shared hosting plans include a site (or cPanel) migration. For example, different programs like resellers will get more (up to 30) access rights.
Compared with some hosts, a free site migration is not much. But it is still better than other companies such as Bluehost, because the cost of migrating to five sites at a time is $150.

6. Very User-Friendly for Beginners

HostGator is tailored for beginner bloggers or webmasters.
Their website is full of tutorials, walkthroughs and more to help you navigate the dark world of DNS and data centers.
For starters, they also have additional features, they want to build a website without hiring others to design, build and manage everything.
Gator provided by their website builder HostGator is one of the better websites we reviewed. It comes with free hosting and domain names, so you only need to purchase an account to meet all your needs.
First of all, the customizable templates are very modern templates, and you can easily customize their appearance by dragging and dropping each function. You will also get website analytics and a free SSL certificate to help protect the visitor's personal data (such as their physical location).

HostGator's Gator even comes with an e-commerce plan, so you can build a fully functional online store with inventory and more features without worrying about payment gateways, plugins or any other troublesome technology. It just works.

Cons of Using HostGator Shared

Frankly speaking, HostGator's continued uptime is surprising (good). We are also champions of their uptime guarantee.
In addition, their beginner-friendly approach and helpful customer service means that their service has a lot to see.
Unfortunately, during the test, we also encountered some problems. This is the biggest problem we found:

1. Slow Page Speed (Over 1 Second to Load)

HostGator’s servers have been fine for the past year and a half and can keep our website running normally.
The problem is that these same servers are always slow. Their average page load time in the past 24 months was only 1191ms.
It takes more than a second to load a relatively simple text-based content page. So, imagine what would happen if these pages were filled with thousands of words and dozens of high-resolution images. Yes, not good.
It turns out that slow page loading speed directly affects the visitor's experience. This also has a has-drop effect on reaching your bottom line.
You can take some measures to speed up the site without switching hosts. However, if your host continues to be slow, it means you will continue to lose

2. Lots of Extra Fees for ‘True’ Backups, Gmail, and Malware

HostGator's shared hosting plan is cheap, with an entry price of only $2.75/month (36 months).
Their cheapest plan ("incubating") comes with a domain name, one-click installation of popular applications (such as WordPress, Joomla, etc.), unlimited traffic, unlimited storage, and free SSL certificates. Basically, all the core functions required for a complete website.
However, this is all they provide in the default plan. At checkout, all "extra" content (such as website backups, Gmail access, SiteLock monitoring and SEO tools) will cost you more.
It’s disappointing that many of these features have been carefully worded on the website, such as "available", making you think they are included. Browse the other top hosts we reviewed and you will find that many of them actually do include them in their basic pricing.
Only at the end of the process, when you enter the billing information, will you realize that all these extra features will cost you extra.

Gmail is a standard price of $5 per user per month or $60 per year, which is their normal price. However, then SiteLock costs $19.99 per year, CodeGuard (for backing up websites) costs $23.95 per year, and even if you encounter any problems, they won't even keep many previous versions of the site.
Therefore, although the original plan seemed cheap at first, when everything was said, it started to become very expensive

3. Industry-Standard Pricing ‘Tricks’

In addition to additional costs, HostGator also provides two pricing techniques that are fairly standard in the industry.
The first is to advertise low rates, such as $2.75 per month, which makes you realize that you need to pay a full three years in advance to get it. Otherwise, your actual monthly service value is $10.95.

However, this is only the beginning. Because most importantly, after your initial plan expires, HostGator's renewal price will rise sharply.
Therefore, suppose you continue to lock in low interest rates for three years. There is no doubt that you will get a good deal.
When you plan to update your plan within three years, the trouble begins. At that time, your monthly fee for the same plan jumped to $6.95/month (or a total of $250.20), twice what you just paid for the same service.

Essentially, they are based on the fact that after a few years, the probability that you want to switch services is very low. Therefore, you will be locked for a period of time (for example, a cable company or gym membership).
Many other hosts we reviewed also showed the same stunt. However, this does not mean that we have to like it.

HostGator Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

Shared hosting: HostGator has three shared hosting plan options for you to choose from:
Hatchling plan: The plan starts at $2.75 per month. You will get a domain name, unlimited disk space and storage space, SSL certificate and unlimited subdomains.
Baby plan: The plan starts at $3.95 per month. It supports unlimited storage, bandwidth and domain names.
Business plan: The plan starts at $5.95 per month. It supports unlimited storage, bandwidth and domain names. It comes with free dedicated IP, SSL and free phone numbers.

Do We Recommend HostGator Shared?

not really.
But not for reasons you might be thinking about.
HostGator's shared hosting does provide a lot of benefits. In the past year or so, uptime has indeed improved. Customer service is good. A large number of beginner-friendly options make it user-friendly.
However, the slow speed and the additional price increase combined make it too expensive to be considered a decent value.
However, we do not recommend it because they have better options in the store, which can actually bring high value

HostGator's WordPress cloud hosting is initially more expensive on paper, but the performance is much better.
Therefore, we recommend that you take a look first, because when you pay these additional fees and price increases, you may end up paying the same fees at the end of the day.