Do You Need A Lot Of Bandwidth

Bandwidth measures the amount of data transferred through an Internet connection. When choosing a hosting plan, you must know how much bandwidth you need.

Please be careful when someone claims that they provide unlimited bandwidth or monthly transmissions. Anyone who claims "unlimited bandwidth" is lying. There is no such thing as (unlimited bandwidth).

I have never seen any broadband company offering "unlimited megabytes per second" Internet connection. So how can web hosting companies that usually don’t even have their own access lines claim to customers that they will provide them with "unlimited bandwidth"?

In most cases, the high-bandwidth sites in these "unlimited" plans will be disconnected and no refund will be given. Usually, the web hosting company will say that the site violates its acceptable use policy or terms of service.

Whenever you visit a website that promotes (unlimited bandwidth) as one of the account features, be sure to visit the "Acceptable Use Policy" or "Terms of Service". Read the beautiful text about the so-called "unlimited" disclaimer.

When you first look for web hosting services (those that clearly indicate the bandwidth provided), you must make your best estimate and carefully observe its usage in the first few months. These factors should be taken into consideration when estimating.

**How   many users will visit your website?

**How   many pages do you want to visit?

**How   big are the graphics and HTML files?

Large audio and video files, computer programs and file downloads require more bandwidth. Flash websites use a lot of bandwidth. Virtual reality (VR) and full-length 3D audio/video presentations require maximum bandwidth.

Although it is not accurate, it can still provide you with some help until your site is online for a period of time and actual traffic statistics are generated.

Don't fall into the trap of some companies for your unlimited bandwidth.