A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting started in 2001 and provided the fastest server speed in the past 24 months.
Their customer support is efficient, the hosting plan is developer-friendly, and they have a unique "anytime" money-back guarantee.
However, uptime has decreased in the past few months. After your first purchase period ends, the renewal rate rises sharply. However, if you need a relatively cheap ($2.96/mo) fast website hosting service, and the ability to expand after the website grows, A2 hosting may be a good choice.
After signing, paying and testing, we will have a deep understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of A2 Hosting.

Pros of Using A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the best radar hosting companies you should know about.
They have excellent speed, friendly customer service, rich security features, a loose refund policy, and even environmental awareness in all aspects.
Let us introduce one by one so that you can see for yourself.

1. Fastest Shared Hosting Provider We’ve Tested (317ms)

When you visit A2Hosting.com, you will see a recurring theme:
They talk about speed on the homepage. All these features are designed to make your website "scream fast". Even the name of each pricing plan is related to speed (e.g. "Swift" and "Turbo").
In fact, it is not surprising that A2 hosting is fast. They are the fastest shared hosting providers we have tested and have been the fastest for many years.
In today's world, page load time may be the difference between keeping website visitors or making them uncompetitive. This is no small matter.

2. Friendly & Efficient Customer Support

If you want to quickly find the key to the problem, A2 Hosting will provide hundreds of articles in its knowledge base.
If you wish to talk to others, they will provide assistance from chat to phone and ticket-based.
We started a live chat. Ironically, the customer support of A2 Hosting is a bit slow to connect to the live chat session, taking about five minutes.
But from there, everything went smoothly.
Julio is very friendly and can answer all our questions directly in about 30 seconds. It seems that he really cares and does not need to look up every answer.
Overall, this is a good experience.

3. Free ‘HackScan’ Keeps Your Site Safe

Online, speed and security are not always well integrated. That's because additional scanning, firewalls, or encryption layers usually slow down users.
A2 Hosting managed to achieve lightning speed without sacrificing security.
Their servers are protected by "HackScan", a 24/7 monitoring service that scans for malware and other attacks day in and day out.
The best way to maintain website security is to prevent problems before they break out.
Their data centers are also scalable, which means that if a denial of service (DDoS) attack occurs, you will be protected. These attacks try to flood your server with traffic and take your site offline. Therefore, A2 can help you cope with sudden fluctuations.

4. Free Site Migrations (1 – 25 Depending on Plan)

A2 Hosting will personally move your existing website to its server, all plans do not charge any additional fees.
All you need to do is to contact their customer support department with your cPanel account credentials and the rest will be resolved.
The only thing to note is the number of sites based on the plan you purchased. Their terms detail everything.
Shared hosting customers of Lite, Swift and Turbo plans will get a free migration site. However, if you buy a reseller, dedicated or hosted VPS hosting, you will get 25 free migrations.
Again, this assumes that you can provide cPanel access to existing sites. Otherwise, A2 may pay a small fee for a small amount of work.

5. Content Management Systems (CMS), Website Builders, and Developer-Friendly Tools

A2 Hosting can work seamlessly with all major content management systems. You can install WordPress, OpenCart, Drupal, Joomla or Magento websites in just a few clicks. No need for developers to help you.
They have some special features of these websites, such as the A2 optimized WordPress plugin that comes with the Turbo plan, which can keep your website running fast.
A2 Hosting also has its own website builder, appropriately named SiteBuilder. If you are looking for something more user-friendly to customize your website yourself without using Google’s individual HTML tags, then this is the ideal choice. Keep in mind that the price and plan of A2's SiteBuilder are slightly different from regular shared hosting plans.
A2 Hosting's plan is compatible with Cloudflare CDN accounts to repeat me once to keep your website fast (by loading images and other large files to a separate location from the server).
If you are a webmaster or agency and want to host dozens of sites under one roof, A2 Hosting comes with developer-friendly tools. You can get administrator-level access rights on the server, free server rewind backups, and multiple versions from PHP to MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python and all versions.

6. Anytime Money-Back Guarantee

Like most other hosts we reviewed, A2 hosts used to have a standard 30-day money-back guarantee.
You know these walkthroughs. If you encounter any problems within the first 30 days, you can get a full refund. Nothing to ask.
However, in the past few years, A2 Hosting has made some changes to this policy. The customer is the beneficiary.
You will still get a full refund within the first 30 days. But what if you have to pay three years in advance to get the best deal (more on that later), and you are not satisfied after the first year?
You can still request a refund and refund the money pro rata within the remaining time (based on the last two years of the transaction).
However, there are some caveats.
The first is that any refund request within the first 120 days will be sent through PayPal. Like other hosts, "add-on" services (such as domain name registration, setup or migration fees) are non-refundable.
However, you will keep all non-refundable things, such as domain names.

7. Green Web Hosting

The hometown of A2 Hosting, Ann Arbor, Michigan, is called "Tree Town". According to reports, they have 50,000 trees and 150 parks.
Therefore, A2 bears a moral obligation to help protect the earth from the effects of global warming.
They work with Carbonfund.org to help support renewable energy and afforestation. They also implemented the "FutureServe" green hosting plan to help offset server emissions.
This should not be the decisive factor in registering a virtual host. However, it is good to know that the company you work with cares about the environment.

8. Uptime of 99.93%

The fastest page load time in the world cannot make up for the shortcomings of a continuously offline website.
It sounds obvious, but this is the key. When we first registered in 2015, the uptime of A2 Hosting was excellent. But in the past 24 months or so, we noticed a slight drop in performance.
However, they still managed to achieve the industry standard result of 99.93%.

Cons of Using A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has many professionals.
However, fast speed and friendly support cannot make up for everything.
Each issue is described in detail below:

1. High Renewal Rates (And 15-Day Deadline)

A2 Hosting's long-term plan price dropped slightly. Therefore, a three-year advance payment will reduce the monthly price by a few dollars, which may add up in 36 months.
Then, A2 uses a special entry price (which basically reduces the total price by half) to attract new customer transactions.
The problem is that when your initial term expires, the automatic renewal will start at the "regular" price (almost twice the price you paid the first time).
Most web hosts pull the same stunt in one form or another. They know if you are satisfied with the overall service, so migrating your website again before the price increases can be very painful.
However, this part is not well positioned.
According to their terms, you must submit a written cancellation request on their customer portal "15 days before the start of the renewal period" or by sending an email to billing@a2hosting.com.

What if you miss the 15-day window? You will need to pay for the next renewal plan, the plan will automatically renew, and you are not eligible for any refunds.
In other words, they are relying on you and forget the account that is too late.

2. Restrictions on Cheapest Plan

The entry price of A2 Hosting's cheapest shared hosting option ("Lite") is currently $2.96 per month (51% lower than the regular price). This is not the lowest price we have seen, but it is not bad.
However, when you start to compare that price with the price you get (compared to the competition), some problems arise.
This plan only allows you to own a website with unlimited storage space, free SSL, website migration and anytime money back guarantee.
You won't get many of the benefits that make A2 a good choice, such as Turbo servers that provide "up to 20 times faster page loading", server rewind or even remote backup.
The same problem applies to their website builder plan. The same cheapest option (approximately $4 per month) will only get you one page-not enough to create an actual website.

Do We Recommend A2 Hosting?

Yes, we do.
In the past few years, A2 Hosting has always provided best-in-class speed. Their customer support is friendly and helpful. All shared plans come with a free SSL certificate and a free migration. Moreover, their uptime is pretty good.
And, if you encounter problems at any time when you become a customer, you can ask for a prorated refund for unused time.
The only drawback is the high renewal rate (strict conditions are not very good either).
In addition, if you are going to pay for the most expensive sharing plans for hosting unlimited websites ("Turbo"), they will still only provide you with a free site migration.
These final details may not apply to some people. Therefore, although A2 is good, it is not the best we have seen.